ELECTION BLOG: Dallas Democrats Take In the Loss

November 3, 2010  

By Emily Kogan

The tone at the Democratic watch party was much different than it was in 2008. There was no hype. They were just hoping to hang on to their majorities in the House and the Senate.

The mood of the night could have been from the heavy rain in Dallas or it could have reflected the results of the midterm elections for the Democratic Party as a whole.

The race for Texas’ Governor had been tight between Rick Perry and Bill White until the very end. Perry’s anti-Washington message was an appeal to voters. Even after the early votes came in, Registered Democrat Jim White still thought anything could happen.

“I think everyone has a chance until it’s over,” White said. And when asked for his reaction after Perry was declared the winner White said, “If there wasn’t so much slander I think he would have stood a better chance.”

A young Democrat with the ironic name of Rick Perry was not excited when Perry was voted in for another term.

“I think it was time for him to go,” Perry said. “I think it was time for new leadership. Im sad, I’m disappointed.”

Edgar Negron, a member of the Dallas Association of Young Immigrants, was passionate about getting his vote in on November 2nd. He had a feeling White would not be the winner of last night’s election but still moved his scheduled flight home from New York up a day to go out and vote.

“It’s a matter of getting our point across,” said Negron.

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