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December 4, 2010  

Posted by Kristin Salazar

iPad app review: O Magazine

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    The iPad app for O, The Oprah Magazine, opens with a video introduction by Oprah Winfrey. She introduces you to the application and says it will give you a “taste of what they have been up to”. I would say that she does just let you get small view of what her magazine is all about.

    The first listing of 11 total listings is “The O List: Holiday Edition”. What makes each of her listings interesting is that she makes them interactive for her reader. When you go to the page it tell you something like, “tap on the name and see their favorite gifts”. When you tap on the infamous Dr. Oz his favorite for December is a pair of running shoes. You can use your finger to swipe the shoe and get a 360 degree look at them.

    The app also allows you to go on interviews with Oprah. For December Oprah has a video clip that takes you inside Tyler Perry’s bus personalizes the experience by letting you watch their photo shoot and getting a look at how they interact together.

    Other features on the application include a table of contents where the user can choose which stories they want to read in the order they would like. A favorites sections where the reader can drop in their favorite stories and your last option is a feedback option. The feedback option takes you through a series of questions to get your overall reaction to the iPad application.

    Overall, I think it was a fun experience getting to use Oprah’s iPad app however, this is a monthly magazine and the magazine is comprised of over 275 pages and 37 different stories and is sold in stores for $4.50. The app costs you $3.99 and you get 11 options that remain the same until the next issue is released. I think it is safe to say you get more bang for the buck when you buy the actual magazine.

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