She’s Got it All: Meet Dallas Designer Brittany Cobb

November 3, 2011  


By Krystal Schlegel

Writer, decorator, and founder of the Dallas Flea, can now check marriage, home, and business off the list, all by the age of 28 and with a baby on the way.


One’s home tells a lot about someone. You can tell, by the first step inside Brittany Cobb’s Highland Park residence, that she has a vintage eclectic style and love for decorating. Her husband, Michael Cobb, finds it gratifying. “One only has to look as far as our home. Every day I walk in the door and something new has been added or edited to make it more fulfilling.” The first thing Cobb does is take me on a tour.

You can tell this home is all about entertaining and family. From wedding photos to shaggy pillows, candles, and paintings on the wall, everything has a place. Cobb is organized and it is obvious she has put her all into her first home. Last, she leads me to the bedroom where her new baby will sleep. “We are not sure the gender, so for now the room is gray,” she says.

It’s little wonder that her home reflects a lot of care and attention, since her life has always revolved around decorating and fashion. She has staked out a multifaceted career as a fashion journalist, interior decorator, and, most recently, founder of the Dallas Flea.

First Stop- Journalism

When asking Cobb how she got started on her journalism journey, she casually mentions that the Dallas Morning News hired her right out of Southern Methodist University and sent her to Paris fashion week to cover the shows. After becoming a freelance fashion journalist based in New York City, she decided she wanted some stability. When offered a job to move back to Dallas and become the editor of Daily Candy, an online lifestyle magazine, she went for it, deciding she could work from home and save time for her first love, interior designing.

A passion for Interiors

That is how she partnered with her best friend and decorator Morgan Farrow to start an interior design company called Farrow and Cobb. “People loved my style, so I would help them design. I didn’t take it seriously until it got overwhelming,” Cobb said of joining forces with Farrow, “It’s the thing that comes most natural for me. I love shopping for home décor. I’d rather buy a candle than a pair of shoes,” Cobb says.

Farrow has nothing but positive things to say about her business partner. She describes Cobb’s style as, “Bohemian chic, to the max! I love how she can mix a fabulous designer piece with a thrift store piece and make it look like a million bucks. That is the philosophy we base our business on. Mixing high and low!” Farrow also recognizes Cobb’s passion for life. “She has an infectious spirit of joy and peace that you can’t deny. Nothing gets her down. She has the most positive attitude about every situation! Clearly, I’m obsessed with her,” Farrow said.

Cobb’s love for decorating can be seen as her face lights up when she talks about designing the perfect home for her clients. “There is nothing better than creating a well designed home. I love to create an atmosphere. I think of how it will look with friends and family inside,” Cobb said.

Cobb found her passion for furniture at the early age of 13 when she begged her mother to let her get an old lamp and revamp it. Her mother, Kelli Edwards, is an interior designer in California and says she always took Brittany to flea markets with her. Not only do they have a parallel passion for interiors, they look like twins. “She tagged along learning the business. Growing up in Orange County, she always loved shopping the antique stores, swap meets and Flea markets,” Cobb’s mother boasted. “She’s always had a bohemian side and an appreciation for vintage finds.” She comes into town for every Dallas Flea Cobb Hosts.

The Flea

Farrow and Cobb was a success and Cobb was meeting artists and designers because of the stories she was writing for Daily Candy. She always loved Flea markets and wanted to give Dallas artists some recognition. She felt Dallas needed an edited and accessible flea market. “I was meeting cool artists who were only getting 15 minutes of fame,” Cobb said. “Like most everything and everybody in her life, she realized the Flea is a great way to help others showcase and bring attention to their unique brands and products to the public” Cobbs’s husband said.

She started the Dallas Flea by asking 20 vendors to participate, all of whom said yes. “Because the first Flea two years ago was such a success, I turned it into a frequent show,” Cobb said. The Dallas flea now takes place four times a year, the most recent being September 23. Cobb believes the September Flea was the biggest and most successful show to date. “We were blown away by the incredible attendance and support for our unique mix of local artisans and food vendors,” Cobb said.

Location, Location, Location

Cobb decided to host the Flea at the Design District, on the South Side of Lamar. “Dallas is so perfect, sleek, and manmade. This indoor area has concrete floors and an industrial feel that I like,” Cobb said, “I love the grittiness.”

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