Global News Blog: Feds bust Mexican drug cartel

February 28, 2009  

Posted by Nicole Jacobsen

According to Fox News on Wednesday, “Federal authorities arrested more than 750 people across the country in what they describe as ‘the largest and hardest hitting’ operation to ever target the ‘the very violent and dangerously powerful’ drug cartel known as Sinaloa.”

Any headline involving mass arrests and drugs seem to catch even the most idle reader’s eye . . . especially after the huge pot bust at the W Hotel a few weeks ago. But made what made these people think they could get away with controlling such a large drug trafficking business?

Not only is Sinaloa in trouble for providing drugs to all corners of the country, but the group is also being blamed for the violence that has sprung up between Mexico and the U.S.

Attorney General Eric Holder said, “International drug-trafficking organizations pose a sustained, serious threat to the safety and security as of our communities.” Obviously this is a serious threat. Just look at our campus and one can see drugs are impacting almost everyone in one way or another.

Operation Xcellerator is working to shut down the distribution sites of these drug cartels, in hopes that innocent U.S. citizens will be freed from the violence attached to the drugs.

It seems odd, though, that authorities are so concerned with stopping the drugs coming in through Mexico that that have failed to recognize the immense amount of drugs being shuttled around throughout our own country.

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