Campus News Blog: You Know It’s Brown Bag When…

March 4, 2009  

posted by Lisa Rodriguez

SMU dancers have been sacrificing sleep, schoolwork, and social lives for the last month and a half. Why? To entertain you. The Brown Bag Dance Concert began Monday at the Lobby of The Owens Fine Arts Center. And continues for the remainder of the week.
To a non-dancer, Brown Bag means an hour of lunchtime entertainment, but to those who participate, it means dedicating endless hours of time and energy to rehearsal. Here’s a little glance into the minds of the dancers when they hear the words Brown Bag:

You know its Brown Bag when…

“…when your body wants to shoot you”

“…when dancers get locked in the dance studios at night”
Morgana Phlaum, junior

“…when a song comes on the radio and people say ‘that’s MY song!’”
Marielle Perrault, senior

“…when you don’t sleep.”
Christine Harris, sophomore

“…when I wake up Monday morning and actually put on make up.”

“…when I walk onto the stage and see all the faces right in front of you.”
Leah Mitchell, freshman

“…when you don’t sleep and you skip at least one class a day.”
Page Leahy

Brown Bag continues in the lobby of the Owens Arts Center Wednesday and Friday at noon and Thursday at 12:30 p.m.

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