The Daily Update: Tuesday, April 26

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Seven people are dead and at least 67,000 are without power after violent storms hit Arkansas this morning. Nissan is recalling nearly 196,000 sport utility vehicles in the U.S. And the NFL lockout has been lifted. Find out all this and more on your Daily Update.

BLOG RECAP: The Economic Impacts of Cartel Violence

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By Ashley Withers

A group of SABEW attendees participated Saturday morning in a Q&A session about the difficulties of Mexican journalism and the coverage of the country’s business economy.

Alfredo Corchado, The Dallas Morning News Mexico City bureau chief, fielded a wide array of questions about his coverage in Mexico as he shared his personal experiences with cartel violence. SMU Journalism Chair Tony Pederson moderated the session.

Pederson began the Q&A by asking Corchado to tell the audience about his latest series about the Zetas, one of Mexico’s largest drug cartels.

The relevance of the breakout session was quickly realized as Corchado explained that Dallas has become a major transnational drug trafficking hub for the Mexican cartel.

He helped to unpack the significant impact that the illegal trade has had on legitimate business in Mexico. Corchado said that as many as 10,000 businesses have moved over the border from Juarez to El Paso because of the threat of violence and their inability to compete.

“About half of all the businesses in Mexico are illegal businesses,” Corchado said.

Despite the obvious differences, Corchado compared covering drug trafficking and other illegal businesses in Mexico to covering Starbucks. Both are profit-turners searching for market takeover.

Pederson also brought up the issue of the seemingly “Mexican appetite” for the drug trade and corruption.

“It’s really a war within the government,” Corchado said. “New people come in and say they will remove monopolies, but then they realize that monopolies own Mexico.”

Corchado commented that it was tragic that news media is only focused on drug violence. He feels like with such a narrow scope of coverage he is not really telling readers what is going on in Mexico.

He also touched on the violence against journalists in Mexico. In the past two-and-a-half years 30 journalists have been killed.

Corchado even shared his personal experience with the violence, saying that he has had to be removed from Mexico four times after serious threats to his life.

However, despite the risks, Corchado thinks American coverage of Mexico is vital.

“I still believe there is no other country that has a daily impact on the United States like Mexico,” Corchado said.

The Daily Update: Tuesday, March 29

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President Obama explains why he feels U.S. involvement in Libya is necessary. At least 120 people are dead after an ammunition factory exploded in Yemen, and religious leaders in Washington are going on a hunger strike. Here on the hilltop, candidates for SMU Student Senate will debate tonight at five p.m. All this and more on today’s Daily Update.

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