Global News Blog: Motorcycle Gang Wars Continue

March 31, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

Posted by Lauren Kuhner

Last week I bloged about the brawl between the Hells Angels and the rival bikie gang the Comancheros in the domestic terminal at Sydney Airport on the afternoon of March 22. There, Anthony Zervas, 29, was bludgeoned to death during a fight.

Now today Hells Angel Peter Zervas, 32, brother of Anthony, is believed to be the victim who was shot several times at about 11.30 p.m. (AEDT) while getting out of his vehicle.

Following the latest attack, Peter Zervas was rushed to St George Hospital where he remains in a serious but stable condition.

Det. Supt Lanyon would not be drawn on whether police had information that Peter Zervas was in any danger prior to the shooting. “We obviously receive a large amount of information … certainly if the person does need protection police have the duty to provide that.”

“The police are in control of these matters, the police are certainly taking them seriously,” he said.”Obviously I’m not about to tell you these matters will stop today but certainly we treat them seriously.”

Meanwhile in Canberra, more than 300 members of the Rebels motorcycle club rode through the northern suburbs on their way to the funeral of slain bikie Richard Roberts. Roberts, and fellow gang member Gregory Carrigan were shot dead in suburban Canberra last week, adding to tensions created by Sydney’s biker war.

Police officers will be present at the funeral, but will keep their distance from mourners. The head of the police department informs civilians that everything is fine, and there is nothing to worry about.

I hope everything is under control, but I feel the police have there heads in the wrong places. How did they not think to protect the brother of the Hells Angel that was killed at the airport?

They should have used common knowledge that maybe they who ever killed this man is also out to get his family members. They could have prevented the whole accident in the first place.

Also if the police say they are getting matters under control, then why in a nice suburban neighborhood were two other Hells Angels killed? I feel the Australian police department made the statement “there is no reason to worry” just so they would not have chaos among civilians.

Why not just warn people to pay a little more attention to their surroundings until then know for sure a peace agreement is made.

Global News Blog: Biker Gang War in Middle of Australia Airport

March 23, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

Posted by Lauren Kuhner

Six heavily tattooed and muscular men became agitated and started using their mobile phones mid-flight before landing in Australia’s busiest airport.

After landing, they bolted from their seats on flight QF430 before they were told to leave. Qantas staff watched as they shouted and shoved each other as they left the gate – one staff member called for security to direct other passengers away from the men. The message about the potentially dangerous passengers never made it from the plane and the security at the gate to the airport police.

Next, senior members of the Hells Angels and the Comancheros exploded in violence in terminal three, and about a dozen “gang members began laying into one another with knives, knuckle dusters and bollards, police and security were nowhere to be seen.”

“Despite the banks of CCTV cameras, which are supposedly monitored, it took a member of the public to dial 000 and alert police to the brawl that raged for about 10 minutes and left 29-year-old bikie associate Anthony Zervas dying from serious head injuries on the concourse floor,” the article said.

The airport police team run by the “Australian Federal Police did not arrive until after the fight was over and some of the alleged offenders had made their getaway in a taxi.”

Many people are livid with the AFP for not responding sooner to an event that could have hurt many innocent people, or even could have stopped the riot before it began. People could not say why police did not act until members of the public contacted them.

The AFP with all the level of surveillance inside the terminal should arguably have alerted them to events much sooner. What were members of the AFP doing? Were they on a donut break? The airport security is a joke. I know this past weekend it took over an hour at LAX to get through security, and they held one of my friends on the track team for questioning.

Why did it take an hour for a group of young college girls to make it through security and a group of bikers were able to make it on a plane with knifes and brace knuckles? I thought the U.S. and other countries after seeing the events of 911, made airport security much stronger. Clearly I was wrong.

Lastly, the whole gang violence break out could have been avoided if the flight attendants who saw these biker men on their cell phones in mid flight, would have contacted the airport to have a group of police officers waiting at the gate to escort the men to where they needed to go.

How hard is it to just make a call for extra protection? It is not worth putting innocent lives at danger, and having a war break out in the middle of your airport.