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Wings of Freedom Tour Stops In Dallas

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Lesley Isaacs

The Wings of Freedom Tour made a stop in Dallas to showcase three airplanes used during the Second World War. The planes that were flown in were the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, B-24 Liberator, and the North American P-51C Mustang.

The planes that are on display were vital to the American forces during the Second World War. Both the B-24 Liberator and the B-17 Flying Fortress were flown by the United States Army Air Corps.

The B-24 Liberator prototype first flew on December 29, 1939 and received a distinguished war record after its operations in the European and Pacific theatres. The B-17 Flying Fortress was used during American participation in World War II and became an impressive adversary for the Allies against Germany. The P-51 Mustang became one of the most famous planes used during the war but was not actually used by American forces until March 1943.

Bill Sellmeyer, a co-pilot of the B-17 and B-24 aircrafts for The Wings of Freedom Tour, said it was an honor to fly these planes and that they do it in honor of the veterans.

“Many people love to take flights on these planes to get an idea of what members of their family experienced during the war,” said Sellmeyer.

The planes all have unique names such as Witchcraft, Betty Jane, and Nine-o-Nine. The designs on the planes are all unique to what the plane went through during the war.

For example, on the B-17 there were three swastikas, which represent the plane taking down three Luftwaffe planes of the German Air force. The pictures of the bombs painted on the side represent the number of missions that particular plane went on.

Kay Bailey Hutchison, Jan Collmer, and William E. Cooper founded the Frontiers of Flight Museum in November 1988. Since then the museum has added artifacts to their collection that deal with the history of aviation, the military, commercial, and aerospace vehicles. They have collections starting from the earliest aircrafts that were pioneered in the 1920s to aircrafts that are used today.

Many of the volunteers who work at the Frontiers of Flight Museum are veterans of war. One distinguished World War II veteran that volunteers is Captain Charles D. Morhle.

Morhle volunteered for military service after the attack on Pearl Harbor and requested to be in the Air Corps. Mohrle received a Distinguished Flying Cross, an Air Medal and is entitled to wear a Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon. On some Sundays Mohrle speaks about his time during the war.

These historic planes are out on an airstrip behind the Frontiers of Flight Museum located near Dallas Love Field airport. They are on display for tours and even to take a flight. The tour runs until April 12.