Snow Blankets Dallas, SMU Remains Closed

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By Elizabeth Lowe and Aida Ahmed

Updated at 10:10 a.m.

SMU announced Thursday afternoon by e-mail that campus will be closed Friday. This is the first day this week SMU has notified students the day before a closing.

Despite sheets of ice still covering most of campus, the university claimed Wednesday that campus would be open for Thursday. Continuous cold temperatures and hazardous roads forced the school to close a third day, following schools across the metroplex.

The Daily Mustang asked students via Twitter to send in pictures of themselves and friends on this "snow week." Jonah Lamon submitted this picture of a student on campus cleaning the ice off his car.

The National Weather Service forecast for snow has come true Friday morning. The Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex was blanketed in snow and is expecting a second band in the afternoon.

According to, the high for Friday will be 25 degrees. The low for the night will be 16 degrees.

There is still hope that the weather will clear up for Super Bowl Sunday with a forecast of sunny skies and highs in the lower 40s for Saturday. Sunday will be mostly sunny and highs will remain in the mid 40s.

Stay tuned for updates on our site and follow SMU’s official Twitter account for up-to-the-minute announcements.

SMU students took note Wednesday as travel and campus safety became a rising concern. SMU students took to social media sites to protest the opening making a Class Boycott Facebook page and telling the university their opinions via the school’s Twitter page.

Over 2,000 students were invited to organize over Facebook for a “Reverse The Decision SMU” event. Those who joined the event posted photos throughout the evening of risky ice in the area. The students cited other school closings and student/faculty safety as reasons for SMU to appeal it’s decision to re-open campus.

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Real Mustangs To Be Unveiled Saturday

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By Robby Gillespie

The SMU Athletic Department will introduce two new mustangs Saturday prior to the SMU vs. Navy game at Gerald Ford Stadium.

Madeleine and T. Boone Pickens will present the two mustangs to SMU President Gerald Turner and Head Coach June Jones. The event, titled “Salute to the Mustangs,” will honor the men and women of the armed forces as well.

Madeleine Pickens has proposed to establish a permanent home to care for wild horses in captivity – to be carried out by her National Wild Horse Foundation, a private non-profit foundation.

The new symbol has sparked debate over what will happen to the current Peruna mascot, something SMU Athletic Director Steve Orsini says is still unknown.

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