Campus News Blog: The Thrill of Homemade Halloween Costumes

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Posted by Lauren Michaels

With Halloween just around the corner, coming up with a creative costume seems to be quite the challenge. As a child, pulling off costumes were much easier than it is today. The simple character of a disney princess, witch or ghost was considered to be traditional, “cute” and perfect.

Now, the thrill of costume shopping seems to be less exciting and with high prices, many college students with budget constraints won’t be able to buy a pre-made costume. While dressing up is still the best part of Halloween, it’s still possible to have fun with a fresh idea! Instead of buying pre-packaged dresses and wigs, try gathering old fabrics, markers and any recycled materials you have lying around and create your costume. Since this will be an outfit that you typically only wear once, making a homemade costume is cheaper and saves the landfills from being dumped with excess materials.

So gather your favorite materials, Halloween sweet treats and start making your own homemade costume!

Think you have the best Homemade Halloween Costume? Post your photos on The Daily Green for others on the web to view!

Happy Costume Making!

Big D Blog: Bittersweet Halloween

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Posted by Estela Nunez

Costume, check. A bag for the goodies, check. Hand sanitizer, check.

Yes, that’s right, hand sanitizer and lots of it! One of the most awaited holidays by kids and some adults might not be so sweet this year.

With the dilemma over H1N1, doctors fear that with all those anxious little hands going door-to-door in search of candy might cause the virus to spread more than it has in the previous months.

Could doctors be blowing this out of portion or should people really be worried?

Doctors says that a virus has the capacity of living in plastic masks, like those of many of the costumes for up to twelve hours!

For the many worrisome mothers out there this isn’t exactly the greatest of news. I mean who wants to put a damper on their kid’s favorite holiday.

I mean this is the one time out of the whole year when you can get away with eating a large amounts of candy, and mom won’t yell “stop eating so many sweets!”

So the big question is, will mothers put a halt on the night kids wait for all year long? Or will they stock up on hand sanitizer and take a risk?

Campus News Blog: Scaring Off a Halloween Sweet Tooth

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Posted by Katherine Helms

Do you suffer from a sweet tooth? With Halloween approaching you are sure to be tempted by the massive bowls of candy everywhere you turn. Unfortunately, even the bite size candy bars will turn into pounds. According to US Census the average American consumes about 26 pounds worth of candy a year. This statistic just comes to show how quickly the fun size candy bars add up.

Lately I have seen numerous articles on how to combat your sweet tooth. Several of these provided alternatives to candy, but unfortunately to many of us nothing tastes quite as good as a piece of chocolate. suggests carrying almonds in your bag, so that instead of popping Twix bars, you are consuming a healthier alternative.

It is tempting to keep a bag of candy at your house. It is easy to convince yourself that you have enough self control to say no to the delectable Milky Way staring you down, but lets be serious when it comes down to making the decision isn’t it just easier to eat a it? Why not avoid this entire situation by leaving the candy at the store, and then the temptation is eliminated completely!

There are even several relatively healthy options in the candy department, so if you must indulge in a few pieces you will feel slightly better about your decision. Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants and research has shown it may lead to lower blood pressure. Also, Hershey is offering a sugar-free line of candy ranging from Reeses to Jolly Ranchers.

So, with these tips hopefully you will be successful in warding off your sweet tooth, but at the same time still enjoying your Halloween celebration!

Campus News Blog: Day of the Dead, ¿Qué?

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Sarah Acosta

With Halloween around the corner, most students are bustling about what they are going to dress up as for Halloween or what big Halloween plans they have for Friday and Saturday. (One of the perks of Halloween landing on a Saturday is you get to dress up for two nights.)

But what about other cultures? Could it be possible that other cultures don’t celebrate Halloween but celebrate other holidays in its place?

El Día de los Muertos: The Day of the Dead

El Día de los Muertos is a Mexican celebration where families and friends gather to pray and remember family and friends who have died. The celebration occurs on Nov. 2 as well as the Catholic festival of All Souls day.

SMU students have the opportunity to experience the “Day of the Dead” celebration with music, food, and art on campus Nov. 2nd in room 153 in the Heroy building from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The festival will be hosted by SMU anthropology club and CHAS (College Hispanic Association of Students).

Global News Blog: Annual Community Service Day on Halloween

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Posted by Nadia Dabbakeh

Start your Halloween off right by joining your fellow SMU students in giving back to the community – after all, no tricks or treats could ever compare.

For 41 years, SMU has been using this day to help serve various agencies around the Dallas area. The event is open to all students and campus organizations non-affiliated with Homecoming 2009, as well as those running for King and Queen.

Check begins at 10 am at the University Flagpole, where Director of Multicultural Affairs Jennifer Jones and Student Senate President Patrick Kobler will give opening remarks. Students will then be bused to different service projects and return to campus at 3 pm.

All the wonderful Dallas agencies students will be working with are really looking forward to sharing in the experience. Participants will also receive free movie passes to Studio Movie Grill and plenty of Coke refreshments during the event! Bring your friends, family and giving spirit – and have a happy Halloween!

Arts Beat: Block Party in Dallas

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Posted by Brenna Rushing

I went to the annual block party off Oak Lawn over the weekend, and the costumes didn’t disappoint! There were the typical “Saw” characters, almost-naked gay men and cute girly costumes.

But what I did see for the first time were the number of Sarah Palins.? It’s refreshing and hilarious to see even Halloween costumes getting political, especially for the younger crowds in attendance here.?

I myself was a Tina Fey/Sarah Palin imitation, so I don’t mean to toot my own horn. But I saw at least two other identical costumes. We were all clad in the businesswomen suit with glasses and heels. The costume is almost too easy.?

The night was as loud and crazy as ever, but knowing that the young population of Dallas is getting involved in worldly matters is comforting.

Posted by Brenna Rushing