Shakespeare, Meadows Style

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Meadows students put a unique spin on Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" in the Greer Carson Theater on Wednesday, April 27. Performances of the play will continue throughout the weekend. (PHOTO BY JENNIFER LAUER / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

Meadows students put a unique spin on Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" in the Greer Carson Theater on Wednesday, April 28. Performances of the play will continue throughout the weekend. (PHOTO BY JENNIFER LAUER / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

By Jennifer Lauer

The audience was in for quite a surprise on Wednesday, April 28 as they viewed the Meadows School’s debut of William Shakespeare’s well known play, “Much Ado About Nothing.”

Directed by Michael Connelly, associate professor and head of acting at SMU, the play was given a unique spin that kept the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the production.

When the first scene opened with the main female character, Beatrice, wearing a bright pink bikini, the audience knew they weren’t about to sit through a traditional rendition of Shakespeare’s famous play.

Viewers laughed their way through this modern day interpretation of the story revolving around a pair of engaged lovers, Claudio and Hero, who plan to wed in one week. Their own wedding plans are put to the backs of their minds when they decide to play matchmaker with two of their friends, Beatrice and Benedick. The feisty and manipulative Don Aragon captivated the audience as he spends the play scheming of ways to sabotage the upcoming wedding.

Plans are foiled, lovers are united and Shakespeare’s famous play ends on a happy note for everyone. The SMU rendition of this historic play would not have been complete without the many surprises that were in store for the audience including a dance to Lady Gaga’s “Love Game” and a scene where one of the characters jumps into an actual pool of water, sending more than a few drops onto the people sitting in the front row.

The debut night of SMU’s production of “Much Ado About Nothing” ended with enthusiastic applause from the audience, signaling that Wednesday night’s successful performance was just one of more to come.

Student actors took on the famous Shakespeare play, adding special touches of their own, including some costume changes. (PHOTO BY JENNIFER LAUER / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

Student actors took on the famous Shakespeare play, adding special touches of their own, including some costume changes. (PHOTO BY JENNIFER LAUER / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

Campus News Blog: Meadows School of the Arts Hosts SMU Summer Art Academy

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Posted by Monica Sharma

Interested in art and working with other students?

SMU’s Summer Art Academy is a special program for high school students who plan to study art in college.

Meadows School of the Arts puts on this program, allowing high school student artists to work and collaborate with SMU art students. Courses are taught in studios by SMU art faculty and graduate students.

With small class size and studio amenities, it is a great experience for all involved.

The Academy is a weeklong experience. Artists select one of four courses to take: either Drawing, Painting, Ceramics or Digital Photography. There are also field trips to local art museums.

You have some time to think about this program; the registration deadline is May 28th. Session One is June 7-12, and Session Two is June 14-19. Click here to register.

Campus News Blog: SMU Bachelor of Fine Arts Spring Exhibition About to Kick Off

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Posted by Monica Sharma

With finals rapidly approaching, SMU students are finishing up projects and getting ready to hit the books. Who actually likes to study though?

If you find yourself at Fondren Library in desperate need of a break, head on over to the Pollock Gallery in the Hughes-Trigg Student Center and check out the annual Bachelor of Fine Arts Qualifying Exhibition.

Beginning Monday, May 3 and lasting to May 15, this exhibition showcases the artwork of soon-to-be art graduates.

Featuring work by Lauren Biedenharn, Olivia DiVecchia, Jacob Hicks, Leta Kish, Jessica Michlik, Jolee Miener, Emerald Monroe, Brooks Oliver and Courtney Sanborn, the exhibition will be a diverse collection of art in many different styles and mediums.

There is a kickoff reception on May 2 from 3-5 p.m., and annual division awards will be presented at 3:30.

It is a free show, so go on over and clear your mind before it’s time to cram.

Student Giving Increases 30 Percent in 2010

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By Cassie Nelson

President Turner took to the steps of Dallas Hall Thursday April 15 and thanked students for a 30 percent increase from 2009 in student donations.

The number of students who made a donation to SMU rose from 845 in 2009 to 1,102 students in 2010.

The Union, which is a group of 50 undergraduate students, presented their fellow students with a challenge to increase the percentage of undergraduates who donate to SMU.

Gifts can consist of five dollars or more, and students choose where their donations are to be used. “It doesn’t take a lot to make a difference,” said Turner.

The competition separated students by their specific schools, including the Cox School of Business, Meadows School of the Arts, Lisle School of Engineering, and Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences. The competition was not based on money collected, but rather the percentage of students who gave.

President Turner presented a $2,000 check to the Cox School of Business after Cox won the challenge with 24.2 percent of their students contributing. Meadows came in second with 23.5 percent participation, followed by Lisle with 19.4 percent. Dedman came in last with 12.7 percent of their student population giving donations.

Derek Jones, a senior Union member, said students should give to SMU because “it is a way to take ownership in your university and help provide for the future.”

One of the factors that U.S. News & World Report use in determining the national rank of Universities is the percentage of the schools young alumni who donate to their alma mater.

“We want to get students in the habit of giving now, in hopes that they continue to give once they graduate,” said sophomore Union member Kayla Klingseisen.

“If SMU is ranked higher it will make our degree worth more,” she said.

The Union first started in the fall of 2007. The Union has been working to get more students involved in donating and helping them understand why it is important to give back to SMU. Since the Union’s existence the number of students who donate to SMU has increased from 295 in 2007 to 1,102 in 2010.

The ultimate goal of the Union is to raise the percentage of SMU Alums who donate back to the school from the current 18 percent to 25 percent This year 17.6 percent of students made donations to SMU.

To make a donation to SMU, visit online.

Campus News Blog: SMU CTV Students Shine at Dallas Film Festival

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Posted by Monica Sharma

There are some topics that deserve more blogging time. One of them happens to be the Dallas International Film Festival.

It is still going on for a whole week so if you haven’t had the chance to attend, don’t fret, there is time.

What to see?

A few Meadows CTV students and alumni will have their chance to shine on the big screen, directing and producing films. Here’s a lineup:

“Crazy Pig” premiered in the Shorts Competition program. Directed by Juan Francisco de la Guardia, a current SMU graduate student, the nine-minute film screened this past Saturday and Sunday at the Angelika.

You still have the opportunity to see two other student films.

“Sin Ella”, a film in Spanish with English subtitles, is produced by 2009 SMU grad Dan Carillo.

“Obselidia”, produced by Ken Morris, a 2007 grad is also showing and competing in the Target Narrative Feature Competition.

For show times and locations, click here.

Campus News Blog: Meadows Hosts Group Alash for Brown Bag Concert

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Posted By Monica Sharma

This Wednesday, March 31, members of the award-winning singing group Alash will be performing a Brown Bag concert in Owen Arts Center.

In this performance, called Expanding Your Horizons, members will show off their mastery of the Tuvan style of singing. Tuvian throat-singing can be described as an ancient Central Asian musical tradition.

What’s unique about this type of singing is the way the individual vocalists sing multiple pitches at the same time creating sounds of the natural world like birds or streams.

Along with the vocalists, the Brown Bag performance will be accompanied by traditional Tuvan instruments.

Alash is deeply committed to the music and culture of Tuva, but they also mix western elements into their performances. This creates a personal style that is both fresh and cultural at the same time.

This free perfromance will be held at noon. For more information, click here.

Campus News Blog: SMU Student Theatre Goes Dark With Comedy “The Pillowman”

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Posted by Monica Sharma

SMU Student Theatre is putting on the production, “The Pillowman”, beginning this Thursday, March 25. At 8:00 p.m., theatre students will put on the play by Irish playwright Martin McDonagh in Meadows Basement B450.

The show continues every night at 8:00 p.m. until Sunday, March 28.

Directed by freshmen Ted Gwara and Justin Amos, “The Pillowman” is a dark comedy about a fiction writer who gets interrogated about the grisly content of his work and its similarities to a number of child murders happening in his town.

Starring students Ruben Carrazana, Jeffery Moffitt, Adam A. Anderson and Jeffrey Colangelo, the play has received good reviews from critics on the national and international level, so it should be a good play to see at SMU.

SMU Student Theatre (SMUST) is a student organization that, according to the Meadows Web site, “helps to further student work, develop creative art and give students a place and a means to explore the realm of theatre”.

For more information about this free show, click here.

Campus News Blog: Flip HD Cameras Available For All Meadows Students

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Posted by Monica Sharma

Attention all Meadows Students: Flip HD video cameras are now available for you to check out anytime you want. Not just for journalism students anymore, you can shoot and share video of literally anything by borrowing one of SMU’s handheld Flip cameras.

The signs, posted all over the Owen Arts Center, recommend anyone in the Meadows community to check out the cameras to shoot and share videos of class work and Meadows events.

Flip HD video cameras can be checked out for up to five days, but checkout is based on availability and requires departmental approval.

For more information, feel free to e-mail or visit the equipment cage in the basement of Umphrey Lee.

The Flip camera is easy to use, with few buttons and a flip out USB connector, making uploading videos to a computer painfully simple.

Holding up to two hours worth of video, checking out a Flip can be a really useful thing to easily capture some footage from the wide variety of events and happenings going on in the Meadows community.

SMU Dancers and Symphony Host Night of Historic Firsts at Winspear Opera House

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Nicole Jacobsen

Southern Methodist University dancers and the symphony performed together at the Winspear Opera House as part of the AT&T Dallas Center of Performing Arts on Saturday night. Over 2,000 SMU supporters and donors turned out for the event.

Despite the snowy weather, the dancers and orchestra from the Meadows School of the Arts packed the house in the first collaboration between the divisions in the school’s history.

According to Meadows School of the Arts Dean, Jose Bowen, there were 50 dancers on stage and 85 musicians in the pit.

“We’ve got an enormous show. This is the only place we could do it,” Bowen said. “It’s a chance to get more students involved. If we only have orchestra, we have half as many students so if we feature two departments instead of one tonight, we get to be the first group ever to have a live dance and orchestra in this hall and we have a world premiere so it’s a lot of firsts tonight.”

Gregory King and two other students from the graduate thesis concert performed in the lobby prior to the main performance, but their routine was a little bit more unscripted.

“It was structured improv so nothing was set,” King explained. “The music was improvised, the dancing was improvised, so it was more or less what is considered chance dancing, chance theater, chance art making. Art making is also about the prospective and the response of the audience so it’s almost like starting a conversation.”

According to Bowen, the event proved to be a huge success but when asked if the performance would return to the Winspear next year, he was hesitant to provide an answer.

“It’s hard to know what will happen in the future,” Bowen said. “We always like to do something different. I’d like to feature more departments every year and do different kinds of things. But the Myerson is a 17-year tradition; we will probably be back at the Myerson next year.”

The performance at the Winspear raised more than $375,000 for Meadows Scholars.

Campus News Blog: Deadline to Apply for Master of Advertising Program is Rapidly Approaching

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Posted by Monica Sharma

Meadows Students, listen up. If you are a senior who will be venturing out into that scary place called the “real world” come May, here’s an opportunity for you.

SMU now offers a Master of Arts in Advertising through the Temerlin Advertising Institute. With the job market still suffering and job searching becoming increasingly more competitive, staying in school for a few more years might be the way to go.

What makes SMU’s program different is that it takes the four core areas of advertising: planning, management, creative, and interactive, and integrates them through a filter of social and corporate responsibility.

After being submersed into these four areas, you will eventually specialize in one of them: Account Planning, Management, Creative, or New Media.

Included in the master’s program is an industry practicum, where a student will enter the workforce for a semester and will be able to sink his or her teeth into real life situations.

Dallas is a great place to be for advertising, and in a top 7 media market, opportunities are endless.

If the master’s program sounds like it might be for you, get on the ball. The deadline for Fall 2010 applications is March 15, which will be here before you can say “spring break”.

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