The Daily Update: Monday, Feb. 28

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On today’s Daily Update you’ll see what kind of bomb was dropped in L.A. last night. Also, the tension in Libya continues to develop and the Space Shuttle Discovery makes its last flight. All this and more on your Daily Update.

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Global News Blog: India’s ‘Moral Police’ Gets Valentines Surprise

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Posted by Rachel Champlin

One woman, Nisha Susan, and her allies sent pink underwear to hard-line activists of India. A recent incident with Lord Rams Army, shines light on the fact that India is changing and some are resisting. Such moral police see Valentines Day as defiant of Indian culture. Is an unwed couple celebrating love and commitment truly “un-Indian?” Nisha Susan planned to address the bullies with what I believe to be an appropriately thought-out campaign to stop the Hindu activist threats.

These actions reflect the dichotomy of diehards defending India’s true values and those who defend progress of society and their constitutional rights. The act of defiance was returned with pink Saris, the traditional garment of Indian women.

Indian media have also been taking stabs at the so-called “moral police” with headlines condemning the “Talibanization” of India. It’s time everyone understands that people change and always will. We are never going to have a world in which everyone is perfect with the same beliefs and values—we deal with our differences and be accepting. Like NPR says, “ India proves that non-violence sometimes works, but so does humor.”

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