VIDEO: 98th Student Senate Inaugurated

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By Andy Garcia

The 98th Student Senate was inaugurated Tuesday in the Hughes Trigg Student Center Commons.

Following the inauguration the student government elected members of the legislature to the following positions.

Student Senate Officers:

Ted Belden

Alex Morgan

Chief of Staff:
Alex Mace

VIDEO: Student Senate Report

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Video and Editing by Andy Garcia

Southern Methodist University’s student senate passed two new pieces of legislation today while President Jake Torres reported on what SMU might possibly due to make up for last week’s closures.

Student Senate Recap: Tuesday, Feb. 8 from on Vimeo.

New Student Senate Representatives Inaugurated

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Thomas “T.J” Faust

Student senate representatives for the 2010-2011 school year were inaugurated in the Hughes-Trigg Commons for their up coming terms Tuesday April 27.

President Gerald R. Turner praised the outgoing senators for their commitment and work to the university, and spread words of encouragement for the incoming senate representatives.

President Turner recalls the year

President Turner conveyed the new plans for the university with the new committee members including the opening of a new education building and the expansion of parking for SMU students.

“It has been a good year despite the economy,” President Turner said. “There has been a lot of growth on campus. To the new student representatives, it is a quick year. Approach your jobs with a sense of urgency.”

SMU junior, Spencer Gordon, thought President Turner’s speech hit on all of the right notes.

“I think it’s awesome we have a president who cares so much about the development of our school. It seems like he puts a lot of faith into the student leaders and actively works with them to see that development through.”

Jennifer Jones, the current faculty advisor to the Student Senate, stressed the importance of each individual and encouraged every representative to work together.

Student Body President Patrick Kobler fires up the newly elected

Current student body president Patrick Kobler also gave a speech talking about the previous year and the accomplishments made. Kobler then announced the new president, Jake Torres.

“I cannot tell you how pleased I am to turn the presidency over to someone as hard working and dedicated as Jake Torres,” Kobler said.

Kobler then welcomed the newest leaders and encouraged them to make the school theirs by listening to the other students and administration. He then went on to thank the SMU administration for their support and for working with him over the past four years.

Kobler leaves with a charge to the new representatives.

“You have been given the gift to make this university better and a gift to listen to the students who voted for you,” Kobler said. “This is your true opportunity to leave your mark on SMU.”

President-elect Jake Torres then took the podium after taking his oath of office and swore in the new senators. After thanking all of his supporters during the campaign he went on to outline some changes for the upcoming year and congratulated the outgoing administration on a great term.

Students react to the inauguration

Students and administrators filled the event as they watched event take place.

“It was very cool to see such an event happen on SMU,” junior Dylan Mesh said.

“It is important for these senators to realize how important they are to the development of the university, and I think they see that through this inauguration.”