TV Blog: Kuestions For The Kardashians Pt. 1

January 24, 2011 by · Comments Off 

We here at the Daily Mustang A&E section have an obsession with the Kardashians – we’re very intrigued.
So obviously when the premiere of “Kourtney and Kim Take New York” aired Sunday night on E! network, we were tuned in.
The show leaves us with some questions, like any good reality television series, and pining for the next installment. Sort of.


Kuestions from Episode 1:
1. Did K and K get new stylists for NYC? They are very urban chic – to an extreme some may say. All those hats!
2. We know it worked fine in the humidity of Miami, but will Scott’s hair slick freeze this season in NYC?
3. What’s the deal with the kid from One Tree Hill/Kim’s first film? KK, you went from Miles Austin to him? Really? Here’s hoping the pickings are better as the season continues.
4. Have you all missed Kourtney’s monotone voice as much as we have?
5. Second question for Scott: Is that a spray tan we see? Talk about keeping up with the Kardashians…or maybe it’s just the pastel suit.
6. Third question for Scott: When did he get so philosophical? Relationship advice for Kim? Can’t wait for more of these verbal gems.
7. Will Kanye make another guest appearance? (Fingers crossed).
8. Will the show ultimately match-up to the sister antics in Miami? Or is Khloe the real money maker here?

Until next week fellow KK fans.