VIDEO: Campaigning Begins for General Election

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By Andy Garcia

A program that will bring national news publications to campus now has the support of the SMU’s Student Senate.

Elections for next year’s Legislature are coming soon, so make sure to keep an eye out for candidate Facebook groups and webpages.

Tech Blog: Review of USA Today’s iPad App

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Posted by Nicolle Keogh

iPad app review: USA Today

  • Immediacy/Urgency:
  • Non-linear news presentation:
  • Multimedia:
  • Interactivity:
    I chose USA Today for my review of its iPad application versus the hard copy version. This was my first time using an iPad, so my overall experience with it was interesting and eye opening.

    The USA Today app offers a lot of interactivity for the user, but is very organized at the same time. The layout of the page, as well as the text and images, are orderly. It’s really neat that the sections of the paper such as Travel, Money, and Sports are listed at the top of the page and will open within milliseconds of the user tapping any of them. The iPad app simply moves to the section you click on and opens to a full page instantly, without having to wait for a page to load like in a web browser (not to mention flipping several pages to get to a certain section in a newspaper.) Navigation on the iPad app for USA Today is simply easier, faster, and less confusing, and that’s what I found most impressive about it.

    I could see what time stories were posted to the web app, and they were updated often. Comparing the app to the daily newspaper, I see how the iPad app is an essential tool to receiving urgent news. With a hard copy of USA Today, the consumer would have to wait until the next day to get the news. For this reason, I give the app a 5 for immediacy/urgency. I already mentioned that the app has an organized presentation, but the first thing I noticed when I opened it was just how many characters there were crammed onto one page. Though organized, I’d say the amount on the page is a little overwhelming, so I’m giving a 3 for non-linear presentation. For interactivity, I’ll give a 5 because I am impressed with the surprisingly simple navigation with the application.  I did notice a good deal of multimedia content, including maps on the weather page as well as many, many photos (and galleries.) I’ll give the app a 5 for multimedia content because the images really do break up the huge amount of text on the page.

    Overall, I enjoyed my experience with the iPad and hope to be able to use it again in the future for news as well as communication purposes. I’m interested to see how other apps compare when the other students write their reviews.