Campus News Blog: White Supremacists Rally in Los Angeles

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Posted By Kathryn Sharkey

I have Yahoo! as my home page online and I was shocked to see this article from the Associated Press show up on it last week: “White supremacists, demonstrators square off in LA.”

This was another article where my immediate reaction was; is this the 1960s or 2010? It’s disheartening to read that 46 years after the Civil Rights Act was passed, Americans are still stuggling to respect diversity.

I was glad to see that the white supremacists, spreading messages of hate, were the smaller party at this show down, but the opposing demonstrators also displayed shocking behavior.

The article states that demonstrators protesting the white supremacists “hurled rocks, branches and other items over the police line and into a parking lot where the white supremacists’ had left their cars” and even attacked a man who had Nazi lightning bolt tattoos.

This seems counterintuitive to me. Why act violently and with hate when you are protesting a group for being violent and hateful? No good can come from a shouting match that dissolves into violence.

This article proves two things to me: how far America has come in accepting diversity and at the same time, how far America still has to go.

VIDEO: Mustang Minute, Wednesday Feb. 24

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Global News Blog: NATO Gets a Facelift

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Posted by Kendra Kahanek

The 21st century Cold War ideas for NATO are frozen and new ones are on the horizon. To create new ideas relating to technological advancements and blogging, President Barrack Obama expects to hire Admiral James Stavridis to take over the command of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Admiral James Stavridis speaks French and Spanish, working in Latin America as an avid blogger and U.S. Naval officer. Stavridis’ work in blogging about current events such as the drug war and corruption in Latin America has gained him respect. His knowledge relating to his current events blog and Facebook, Obama believes will aid NATO in the search for new technological ideas.

The Yahoo article states the humanitarian approach and military missions of Stavridis to facilitate new ideas, though the thought of NATO officially blogging about current events and having a Facebook seems unrealistic. How will the confidentiality of NATO and Stavridis’ status as a high ranking naval officer affect his ability to blog and use Facebook? Will blogging, Facebook, and other technological advancements help or hinder the future of NATO? Possibly, Stavridis’ work online will help NATO gain public sentiment through his blog posts.